Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Offline Handwritten Signature recognition based on multi-resoloution transforms            0000-00-00
2    An evolutionary based algorithm for feature extraction            0000-00-00
3    Application of silhouette imaging for construction of 3-d images            0000-00-00
4    Content-Based Soccer Video Summarization In Encoded MPEG Video    M.Sc.    kiani, vahid    2010-08-15
5    virtual advertisement insertion in soccer scenes based on vanishing points    M.Sc.    Babaee, Vahid    2010-09-26
6    pulmonary nodule detection in chest radiography    M.Sc.    soleymanpour, elaheh    2010-09-26
7    Evaluation Of Retinal Vessel Tortuosity Via Contourlet Transform    M.Sc.    Ghadiri, Farnoosh    2011-01-02
8    Conjunctival Vessel Segmentation Using Radon Transform    M.Sc.    Zabihi, Seyed Mohsen    2011-03-06
9    Directional Image Coding using nonseparable transforms    Ph.D    Rajaei, Boshra    2011-10-08
10    the Radon Transform and some of Its Applications    M.Sc.    vazifedar yazd, mahbube    2012-05-20
11    Head pose estimation for eye disorders detection    M.Sc.    Asghari Amrei, Mohsen    2013-01-13
12    Quantitative assessment of retinal images and automated screening of diabetic retinopathy based on geometrical wavelet transforms    M.Sc.    imani, elaheh    2013-06-09
13    Feature extraction for designing an automatic screening system to detect the glaucoma disease using by OCT and Fundus images    M.Sc.    Faal Hosseini Mazloum, Fatemeh Sadat    2013-06-16
14    Automatic Diagnosis of Usual Ductal Hyperplasia Using Histopathological Images    M.Sc.    najmi, najmeh    2013-10-13
15    Automatic Grading of Cortical, Nuclear and Posterior Sub Capsular Cataract with Slit-lamp Photos    M.Sc.    jami, vajihe    2013-10-13
16    Designing A CAPTCHA Based on Visual Illusions    M.Sc.    Rastegar, Sina    2013-12-08
17    Anatomical Segmentation of Retinal Fundus Images Using Deformable Models    M.Sc.    Rezaei Aghoy, Sanaz    2013-12-30
18    Coded Aperture Photography based on Image Quality Assessment Criteria    Ph.D    masoudifar, mina    2014-02-27
19    A Geometry-Preserving Video Compression Approach to Encode Indoor Depth Image Stream    Ph.D    kiani, vahid    2014-10-15
20    Generalization and speeding up of adaptive geometrical wavelets for extreme compression of fingerprint and retina images    Ph.D    Mansouri, Hamid    2014-10-15
21    Design of an automated system for detection and classification of power quality disturbances    M.Sc.    Moein Darbari, Maryam    2014-10-26
22    Extract 3D map of choroidal vessels in EDI-OCT Images    M.Sc.    motalleby, seyyede fateme    2014-10-26
23    Fast 3D Scene Reconstruction using Plane Primitives in RGBD Image Streams    M.Sc.    Alehdaghi, Mahdi    2014-11-18
24    Camera pose estimation in system with overlapping views using a linear object    M.Sc.    Aghamohamadian Sharbaf, Masoud    2014-12-01
25    Evaluation of fat content and color of red meat by computer vision system    M.Sc.    Tabibian, Samaneh    2015-01-17
26    Separation of Retinal Image Components by Extending Morphological Component Analysis with Sparse Representation and Dictionary Learning    Ph.D    javidi, malihe    2015-01-23
27    Generalization of Decision Trees with Asymmetric Induction    Ph.D    Eslami, Saeideh    2015-01-23
28    Early Detection of Autism Syndrom Using Brain T1-weighted MRI    M.Sc.    sanati, shiva    2015-05-17
29    Segmentation of vegetation, shadow, road and building roof in high spatial resolution optical images based on deformable models    M.Sc.    Mazruei, Marjan    2015-06-21
30    Representation of a new HCRF with structured hidden units and Application printed Farsi/Arabic character segmentation    M.Sc.    Rafiee, Mostafa    2015-07-04
31    Automatic separation and identification of retinal vessels based on graph theory    M.Sc.    Ghanaei, Zahra    2015-09-09
32    Image and Video denoising technique based on block shearlet transform    M.Sc.    Bagherzadeh HosseinAbad, Hojjat    2015-09-16
33    Hair removal in Melanoma images based on sparse radon transform    M.Sc.    khanderooy, sara    2015-09-22
34    A New Method for View-Independent Calibration of Multi Video Projector Displays    M.Sc.    Askarian Bajestani, Shahaboddin    2015-09-22
35    Compression of color retina images using sparse representation    M.Sc.    sanati, shirin    2015-10-11
36    Experimental investigation of the effect of angle and roughness of the substrate on droplet flattening    M.Sc.    Zohrabi Chakaneh, Javid    2015-12-21
37    Inpainting Depth Data Using Markov Random Field and Machine Learning    M.Sc.    heidari, shima    2016-03-12
38    A new method for non-rigid image registration of medical images by using deformable models based on tissue similarity condition    M.Sc.    Sheikholeslami, Zahra    2016-09-03
39    Using geodesic active contour for computer-aided detection of pulmonary embolism    M.Sc.    masoudi, mojtaba    2016-09-06
40    Improve Microaneurysm Detection in Fundus Images Using a Convolutional Neural Networks    M.Sc.    eftekhari, noushin    2016-09-13
41    Estimation of Camera Spectral Sensitivity Function by Neural Network    M.Sc.    CHAJI, ُSEDIGHEH    2016-09-15
42    Abnormal Head Posture Detection Based on Conv. Neural Network    M.Sc.    Abolfazli Esfahani, Mahdi    2016-12-10
43    Automatic Recognition and Classification of Pavement Distress Based on Analysis of Image Texture in Spatial and Transformation Domain    M.Sc.    nm, Shahabian    2017-03-08
44    Automatic Image Annotation using Hierarchical Alternating Least Squares    M.Sc.    Al - Ibadi, Fadhel Mohammed Jawad    2017-04-16
45    Automatic Image Annotation using Block Principal Pivoting Method    M.Sc.    AL-RIKABI, HAZIM MOHAMMAD ALI ISSA    2017-04-16
46    Optimal Camera Placement Using Sine-Cosine    M.Sc.    Fatlawi, Ahmed Abdulrazzaq Yaseen    2017-09-03
47    A multi-stream framework for human action recognition in video using a saliency map    M.Sc.    Adeli, Vida    2017-09-03
48    Fine-Grained Bird Classification    M.Sc.    bameri, fatemeh    2017-09-11
49    video based distracted driver detection    M.Sc.    HOSSEINI, SEYEDMOHAMMAD    2017-09-20
50    The effect of different drying methods on the quality of saffron and classification of dried saffron using digital image processing and support vector machine (SVM) and fuzzy logic methods    Ph.D    mohammadzadeh moghaddam, morteza    2017-11-14

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