Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Offline Handwritten Signature recognition based on multi-resoloution transforms            0000-00-00
2    An evolutionary based algorithm for feature extraction            0000-00-00
3    Application of silhouette imaging for construction of 3-d images            0000-00-00
4    Content-Based Soccer Video Summarization In Encoded MPEG Video    M.Sc.    kiani, vahid    2010-08-15
5    virtual advertisement insertion in soccer scenes based on vanishing points    M.Sc.    Babaee, Vahid    2010-09-26
6    pulmonary nodule detection in chest radiography    M.Sc.    soleymanpour, elaheh    2010-09-26
7    Evaluation Of Retinal Vessel Tortuosity Via Contourlet Transform    M.Sc.    Ghadiri, Farnoosh    2011-01-02
8    Conjunctival Vessel Segmentation Using Radon Transform    M.Sc.    Zabihi, Seyed Mohsen    2011-03-06
9    Directional Image Coding using nonseparable transforms    Ph.D    Rajaei, Boshra    2011-10-08
10    the Radon Transform and some of Its Applications    M.Sc.    vazifedar yazd, mahbube    2012-05-20
11    Head pose estimation for eye disorders detection    M.Sc.    Asghari Amrei, Mohsen    2013-01-13
12    Quantitative assessment of retinal images and automated screening of diabetic retinopathy based on geometrical wavelet transforms    M.Sc.    imani, elaheh    2013-06-09
13    Feature extraction for designing an automatic screening system to detect the glaucoma disease using by OCT and Fundus images    M.Sc.    Faal Hosseini Mazloum, Fatemeh Sadat    2013-06-16
14    Automatic Diagnosis of Usual Ductal Hyperplasia Using Histopathological Images    M.Sc.    najmi, najmeh    2013-10-13
15    Automatic Grading of Cortical, Nuclear and Posterior Sub Capsular Cataract with Slit-lamp Photos    M.Sc.    jami, vajihe    2013-10-13
16    Designing A CAPTCHA Based on Visual Illusions    M.Sc.    Rastegar, Sina    2013-12-08
17    Anatomical Segmentation of Retinal Fundus Images Using Deformable Models    M.Sc.    Rezaei Aghoy, Sanaz    2013-12-30
18    Coded Aperture Photography based on Image Quality Assessment Criteria    Ph.D    masoudifar, mina    2014-02-27
19    A Geometry-Preserving Video Compression Approach to Encode Indoor Depth Image Stream    Ph.D    kiani, vahid    2014-10-15
20    Generalization and speeding up of adaptive geometrical wavelets for extreme compression of fingerprint and retina images    Ph.D    Mansouri, Hamid    2014-10-15
21    Design of an automated system for detection and classification of power quality disturbances    M.Sc.    Moein Darbari, Maryam    2014-10-26
22    Extract 3D map of choroidal vessels in EDI-OCT Images    M.Sc.    motalleby, seyyede fateme    2014-10-26
23    Fast 3D Scene Reconstruction using Plane Primitives in RGBD Image Streams    M.Sc.    Alehdaghi, Mahdi    2014-11-18
24    Camera pose estimation in system with overlapping views using a linear object    M.Sc.    Aghamohamadian Sharbaf, Masoud    2014-12-01
25    Evaluation of fat content and color of red meat by computer vision system    M.Sc.    Tabibian, Samaneh    2015-01-17
26    Retinal Image Retrieval based on Improvement of Sparse Representation and Dictionary Learning    Ph.D    javidi, malihe    2015-01-23
27    Generalization of Decision Trees with Asymmetric Induction    Ph.D    Eslami, Saeideh    2015-01-23
28    Early Detection of Autism Syndrom Using Brain T1-weighted MRI    M.Sc.    sanati, shiva    2015-05-17
29    Segmentation of vegetation, shadow, road and building roof in high spatial resolution optical images based on deformable models    M.Sc.    Mazruei, Marjan    2015-06-21
30    Representation of a new HCRF with structured hidden units and Application printed Farsi/Arabic character segmentation    M.Sc.    Rafiee, Mostafa    2015-07-04
31    Automatic separation and identification of retinal vessels based on graph theory    M.Sc.    Ghanaei, Zahra    2015-09-09
32    Image and Video denoising technique based on block shearlet transform    M.Sc.    Bagherzadeh HosseinAbad, Hojjat    2015-09-16
33    Hair removal in Melanoma images based on sparse radon transform    M.Sc.    khanderooy, sara    2015-09-22
34    A New Method for View-Independent Calibration of Multi Video Projector Displays    M.Sc.    Askarian Bajestani, Shahaboddin    2015-09-22
35    Compression of color retina images using sparse representation    M.Sc.    sanati, shirin    2015-10-11
36    Experimental investigation of the effect of angle and roughness of the substrate on droplet flattening    M.Sc.    Zohrabi Chakaneh, Javid    2015-12-21
37    Inpainting Depth Data Using Markov Random Field and Machine Learning    M.Sc.    heidari, shima    2016-03-12
38    A new method for non-rigid image registration of medical images by using deformable models based on tissue similarity condition    M.Sc.    Sheikholeslami, Zahra    2016-09-03
39    Using geodesic active contour for computer-aided detection of pulmonary embolism    M.Sc.    masoudi, mojtaba    2016-09-06
40    Improve Microaneurysm Detection in Fundus Images Using a Convolutional Neural Networks    M.Sc.    eftekhari, noushin    2016-09-13
41    Abnormal Head Posture Detection Based on Conv. Neural Network    M.Sc.    Abolfazli Esfahani, Mahdi    2016-12-10
42    Automatic Recognition and Classification of Pavement Distress Based on Analysis of Image Texture in Spatial and Transformation Domain    M.Sc.    nm, Shahabian    2017-03-08
43    Automatic Image Annotation using Hierarchical Alternating Least Squares    M.Sc.    Al - Ibadi, Fadhel Mohammed Jawad    2017-04-16
44    Automatic Image Annotation using Block Principal Pivoting Method    M.Sc.    AL-RIKABI, HAZIM MOHAMMAD ALI ISSA    2017-04-16
45    Optimal camera placement using Sine-Cosine Algorithm (SCA)    M.Sc.    Fatlawi, Ahmed Abdulrazzaq Yaseen    2017-09-03
46    Human action recognition in video using a saliency map    M.Sc.    Adeli, Vida    2017-09-03
47    Fine-Grained Bird Classification    M.Sc.    bameri, fatemeh    2017-09-11
48    video based distracted driver detection    M.Sc.    HOSSEINI, SEYEDMOHAMMAD    2017-09-20

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